A roster is primarily comprised of USA Resident Players (defined below). Each roster is allowed one Non-USA Resident Player (defined below). If a team wishes to roster more than one Non-USA Resident Player, the team does not qualify as a USA team and will be required to compete as an international team.

Any exemptions for the above must be requested from USAT, to be determined by the president and a committee of internal coaches and leaders.

USA Resident Players

To be a USA Resident Player, you must qualify for one of the following:

  1. The player must have a valid US Passport or Green Card, and have lived in the US for 95 continuous days immediately prior to the event. This can be verified by submitting copies of their passport pages. Normal vacations during the four-month period are permitted

  2. Have a valid Non-Immigrant Visa (eligible Visa’s listed below) that was obtained at least 95 days prior to the event

All US Resident players must play for their local club, if a local club exists.

    • A player will be deemed to be within the area of a local club if it takes one hour or less to travel to training

    • If a player is not within the area of a local club, they may play for any club of their choosing

    • A player within the purview of a local club may be released to play for another club if the local club grants permission to USAT.

Non-USA Resident Players

A player who does not qualify as a USA Resident Player qualifies as a valid Non-USA Resident player if the player fulfills at least one of the following criteria as per section 4 of the Federation of International Touch (FIT) eligibility criteria (sections 4.1.1, 4.1.2 & 4.1.3):

  1. Player is a US Citizen (holds a US Passport)

  2. Player has a parent who is a US Citizen (holds a US Passport)

  3. Player has previously lived in the US for three continuous years in their lifetime and have not played for another member nation in the previous 3 years

Age Divisions

For adult divisions with an age requirement, the cut-off date is Jan 1 of the year of competition. For example, to compete in the Men’s 30 division for an event in 2020, the player must have a birthdate strictly before Jan 1, 1990.

For a high school division, players must be between ages 13-18 two weeks before the event starts, and must not have graduated high school.  For example, to compete in an event starting on Oct 15th, the player must be be between 13-18 on Oct 1st. Graduated players are encouraged to play with an adult team.