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The Real Masters of the Universe

Updated: Apr 23

October 26, 2023

TEMPE, Ariz – With the FIT World Cup on the horizon in just a little over 8 months, the most senior team the US has ever taken to the World Cup has been selected. The very first Men's Over 50's side will compete in the World Cup in the largest contingent ever for USA Touch. With the legendary Coach Richie Walker at the helm, this group of players represents some of the most experienced players our country has ever had.

Beginning with a EOI process earlier this year, Coach Walker has followed up with a selection camp in Chula Vista this summer, followed by an intense campaign at the USA Touch Nationals where some of the hopefuls played in the Over 35's division at our latest tournament. Although they had a mixed bag of results, the vastly older players were able to find their rhythm through the tournament to help solidify selections.

Heading to Nottingham, UK will be a strong group representing a few players at their first World Cup, but most having played in multiple with some of them up to their 5th and 6th editions.

We congratulate the following players and their family's:

Bill Earley

Charles Sanderson

Craig Martin

Gary Brown

Greg Courtney

Greg Wilkinson

Hal Newton

Jarrod Faul

Jeff Woods

Marc French

Martin Scherzinger

Mick Lennon

Mick Stanton

Mike Flexman

Nathan Fekete

Roland Gutierrez

Scott Grice

Shane Stewart

Tim O’Hara

We wish you all the best in your preparation and tour of the UK next year

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